Non-financial reporting


Digia’s aim is to build sustainable digitalisation that makes a difference. In 2020, we specified the most material themes ofour corporate responsibility and defined priorities for them, complete with objectives and indicators, which are in force untilthe end of 2022.

Principles and management of responsibility at Digia

Digia’s operations are governed by the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, regulations concerning publicly listed companies, the rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy, and Digia’s Articles of Association.  Operations are also guided by the policies and operating principles approved by the Board of Directors or Management Team.

Our responsibility is based on our Code of Conduct, which is approved by the Board of Directors, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to respecting human rights in accordance with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) fundamental principles and rights at work. However, in our changing business environment, responsibility is based above all else on the continual monitoring and improvement of our operations. In addition, we closely monitor Finnish and international corporate responsibility regulation and develop our corporate responsibility proactively.

Respect for human rights is also part of Digia’s ethical operating culture. In 2021, we initiated systematic work on human rights, which will continue in 2022. This effort aims to identify and assess Digia’s major human rights risks and ensure that its commitments and practices support the realisation of human rights responsibility.

Digia’s corporate responsibility efforts are guided by the following key policies and principles:

The CEO is responsible for corporate responsibility and the Senior Vice President, HR, Culture and Sustainability for responsibility reporting. The corporate responsibility working group heads operational responsibility efforts, coordinated by focus area. The Senior Vice President, HR, Culture and Sustainability is the chair of the working group and is responsible to the Management Team. The Management Team monitors the development of key indicators of corporate responsibility. Digia's corporate responsibility objectives and indicators as well as this report are approved by the Board of Directors.

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Sustainable digital value for our customers while building a functional society

Objective Key indicators 2021
Solutions that promote the responsibility of our customers
Improving the responsible use of data Growth in data protection impacts and security analyses in customer orders, % 1,113%
Activity in the ethical utilisation of data, examples See description on page 54 of Annual Report
Improving availability and user-friendliness of services Growth in accessibility design and testing, % -17%
Promoting the sustainable
digitalisation of society
Solutions that enhance environmental and social responsibility for society and our customers Description of the solutions and their sustainable development impacts See description on page 54 of Annual Report


Sustainable digital expertise for both our personnel and Finland as a whole

Ojective Key indicators 2021
A learning community for top digital experts
The value of our personnel’s expertise increases during their term of employment Growth in certified expertise in the selected area, % (2020: cloud) 182%
Employees for whom a learning target has been set, % 74%
Bolstering technological expertise in Finland
We train new digital experts every year, to meet both our own needs and those of the sector as a whole Total annual number of participants in external and internal training programmes as well as trainees and students working on theses 65


Sustainable digital life in our own work with respect for the environment

Objective Key indicators 2021
Employee well-being and diversity
Among the best in the sector in occupational wellbeing Personnel satisfaction with team spirit and work-life balance (0–100)

Satisfaction with team spirit 73

Satisfaction with work-life balance 80

Sick leave (days/person, average) 5.6
Digia fosters diversity and inclusion at different levels of the organisation Age and gender distribution of the Management Team, Board of Directors, supervisors and personnel See figures on page 56 of Annual Report
Percentage of supervisors who have undergone training to promote diversity and inclusion 36%
Carbon-neutral Digia
Reducing CO2 emissions CO2 emissions See calculation on page 57 of Annual Report
Ethical operating culture
Entire organisation has adopted ethical ways of working Percentage of employees who have completed Code of Conduct training 47%