Comprehensive service in an increasingly connected and data-driven world

For its customers, Digia is a turnkey provider of smart solutions and a service company that manages the service lifecycle from implementation to maintenance and development. We provide our customers with a service package covering mobile and online services, data platforms and knowledge-based management, integrations and APIs, as well as business core systems including high-security solutions.

For all of these, we provide various levels of maintenance services to help our customers operate their business-critical systems and services around the clock. In the strategy period 2020–2022, we will further strengthen this segment of our offering.

Strong customer relations, professionalism, product and service packages, a partnership network and responsibility form the basis for our operations.


Financial objectives

The company seeks an annual net sales growth exceeding 10% including organic growth and acquisitions. The target level of profitability improvement is 10% EBITA margin at the end of the strategy period.

Digia's strategy for 2020–2022, Next Level, is the next logical step in our growth journey. We will continue to renew our operations and strengthen the selected focus areas. In the strategy, we place particular emphasis on the potential of data utilisation in our customers' services and business processes. We will continue to pursue strong growth and profitability improvement. We will develop our capabilities to the next level so that we can be an even stronger business development partner for our customers in a world where business is becoming networked, the importance of data-driven control is growing and security requirements are highlighted.
President and CEO Timo Levoranta


The focus areas of Digia's strategy

Numero 1   Smart and responsible data utilisation  

We will bring data utilisation as a cross-cutting theme for all Digia’s service areas from business systems to integrations and digital services. 

Numero 2  Service business  

We will deepen our customer relationships and further strengthen the share of service business. 

  Productivity and scalability  

We will develop our operational models and solutions to improve our cost competitiveness. An essential development project in the strategy period will be the reform of our own business platform.

Numero 4  Cloud technologies

Cloud is the development and operating platform for future services. We will continue to strengthen our expertise in cloud services, taking into account security and key public cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform).  

Numero 5  Valued employer  

Skilled employees are the most important success factor for Digia. We are constantly developing Digia into a more desirable workplace by reinforcing our culture, at the heart of which is the continuous learning of every employee. 


The direction of development and the future world

At business level, development means that value is created in networks and ecosystems, using data intelligently.

At the level of companies' internal operations and individuals, we are moving towards a symbiosis between humans and software, where people work with meaningful tasks while automation and software do the rest.

In this development, Digia is a visionary and reliable partner valued by its customers, as well as a responsible learning community valued by its employees.

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