Statement on Digia management emoluments

Last updated: 21.2.2020 

Digia Plc’s corporate governance system is based on the Companies Act, the Securities Markets Act, general corporate governance recommendations, the company’s Articles of Association and its in-house rules and regulations on corporate governance. The company and this Statement adheres to the Governance Code for Listed Finnish Companies issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association, which entered into force on 1 January 2020.

Digia’s corporate governance principles are integrity, accountability, fairness,
and transparency. This means that:

  • The company complies with applicable legislation and regulations.
  • When organising, planning, managing and running its business operations, the company abides by the applicable professional requirements that have been generally approved by its Board members, who demonstrate due care and responsibility in performing their duties.
  • The company is prudent in the management of its capital and assets.
  • The company’s policy is to keep all parties in the market actively, openly and equitably informed of its businesses and operations.
  • The company’s management, administration and personnel are subject to the appropriate internal and external audits and supervision.

The salary and remuneration report contains a summary of the financial benefits, remuneration system and associated decision-making procedures pertaining to members of Digia Plc’s Board of Directors, CEO and other executives.