Frequently Asked Questions


What are the business segments of Digia Plc?

Digia reports on one business segment. Digia constitutes five service areas: Intelligent Solutions, Managed Digital Core, Business Platforms, Financial Platforms, and Business Services.

Digia employs over 1,300 experts in Finland and Sweden. Digia's subsidiary Climber operates in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Netherlands.


What is Digia’s strategy?

Digiawill continue to renew its operations and strengthen the selected focus areas. In the strategy, we place particular emphasis on the potential of data utilisation in our customers' services and business processes.

The company seeks an annual net sales growth exceeding 10% including organic growth and acquisitions. The target level of profitability improvement is 10% EBITA margin at the end of the strategy period.

The focus areas of Digia's strategy period 2020-2022:

  • Smart and responsible data utilisation
  • Service business
  • Productivity and scalability
  • Cloud technologies
  • Valued employer

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What are Digia’s financial targets?

Digia company seeks an annual net sales growth exceeding 10% including organic growth and acquisitions. The target level of profitability improvement is an EBITA margin of 10 per cent by the end of the strategy period 2020-2022.


Who are the members of Digia’s executive team?

  • Timo Levoranta, President & CEO
  • Kristiina Simola, CFO
  • Mika Kervinen, General Counsel
  • Pia Huhdanmäki, Director, HR and Culture
  • Jukka Kotro, Senior Vice President, Digia Business Platforms
  • Juhana Juppo, CTO
  • Tuomo Niemi, Senior Vice President, Digia Financial Platforms
  • Janne Tuominen, Senior Vice President, Managed Digital Core
  • Sami Paihonen, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Solutions

Digia Executive Team


Who are the members of the Digia Board of Directors?

  • Robert Ingman, Chair of the Board
  • Martti Ala-Härkönen
  • Seppo Ruotsalainen, Deputy Chairperson
  • Santtu Elsinen
  • Outi Taivainen
  • Sari Leppänen

Digia’s Board of Directors 


Who are Digia’s customers?

Digia has strong industry expertise, particularly in the commercial, logistics and industrial sectors, in the public sector, and in banking and insurance.

Digia’s business divisions 


What kind of dividend does Digia pay?

Digia’s goal is to distribute at least 30% of the Group's annual result as dividends.

Dividend/share: EUR

  • 2014: EUR 0.05 per share
  • 2015: EUR 0.08 per share
  • 2016: EUR 0.08 per share
  • 2017: EUR 0.04 per share
  • 2018: EUR 0.07 per share
  • 2019: EUR 0.10 per share
  • 2020: EUR 0.15 per share
  • 2021: EUR 0.17 per share


How much does Digia dedicate to annual product development?

Digia constantly invests in enhancing its long-term competitiveness. Research and development expenses totalled EUR 6.1 (6.0) million in the 2021 fiscal year, which represented 3.9 (4.3) per cent of net sales. The main focus of R&D remained on our own ERP systems (Digia Enterprise and ERPs for the financial and logistics sectors). We also developed the Digia Iiris monitoring solution to meet the 24/7 service needs of our customers.