Annual General Meeting

Last updated: 17.12.2020 


Digia’s highest decision-making body is the Shareholders’ Meeting at which shareholders exercise their voting rights on company matters. The Annual General Meeting is held once a year before the end of June on a date set by the Board of Directors. Each company share entitles the holder to one vote at a Shareholders’ Meeting. 

The Annual General Meeting should convene annually within three months of the date on which the financial year ends. An Extraordinary General Meeting must be held if the Board of Directors deems it necessary or if requested in writing by a company auditor or shareholders holding a minimum of 10 per cent of the company’s shares, for the purpose of discussing a specific issue. 

The Finnish Companies Act and Digia’s Articles of Association define the responsibilities and duties of the Shareholders’ Meeting. Extraordinary General Meetings decide on the matters for which they have been specifically convened. 

In order to participate in a Shareholder’s Meeting, a shareholder must be entered in the Digia shareholder register maintained by Euroclear Finland Oy on the record date for the Shareholders’ Meeting, and must also have registered for the meeting at the latest by the date given in the invitation. 

The Chair of the Board, Members of the Board, auditor, anyone nominated for the Board, and the President and CEO should be present at Shareholders’ Meetings. 

The minutes of Shareholders’ Meetings are available to shareholders on the company’s website two weeks after the meeting. The decisions made at Shareholders’ Meetings will also be published in a stock exchange release immediately after the meeting. 

Shareholders have the right to add a relevant item (as specified in the Companies Act) to the agenda for the Shareholders’ Meeting, as long as the request is made in writing to the Board of Directors in time for the item to be added to the notice of meeting. Digia will announce the date by which shareholders must present a requested AGM agenda item to the company’s Board of Directors. This deadline will be published on Digia’s website. The date will be announced at the latest by the end of the financial year preceding the Annual General Meeting.